Clay Club RSVP

Yo Clubbers,

We are getting ready for the Clay Club at Odyssey on Wednesday and Marian was wondering how many people are coming so we can get a gauge on how much 12 Bones to get.

Could you RSVP if you are coming?

Also, on the "CUP" exchange we mean that in the most broad terms of "CUP" or could be "OBJECT" or "TEA BOWL" or "WHATEVER" you made and want to exchange.  Wide open.




Patty said…
I was feeling ok about being hundreds of miles away from pottery people holiday potlucks, but then you had to go and mention 12 bones. Wish I could come.
John Britt said…
We miss you too. Every time I wipe my grease stained lips, I will think of you!

12 Bones Rules!