Thursday, May 3, 2012

Containment III Artist Reception May 5th at Crimson Laurel Gallery

Andrew Massey
On April 28 we opened one of our most anticipated exhibitions of the year called "Containment III: A Nesting Instinct".  "Containment" challenges the invited artists to think outside the box and create works inspired by the containment theme. The concept behind "Containment III" is for a ceramic object to be "nested" within, on,  or beneath another ceramic object.  The works created this year are truly unique in many respects.  This exhibition is now in it's third year and is a favorite among collectors.  The exhibit features more than 30 outstanding artists from around the country.

Daniel T. Beck
Among the artists featured in the exhibition is Deborah Rogers, a wonderful folk artist from Virginia who has made three great exhibition pieces including a piece titled "I Wanna be in Do-Dad Heaven" that deals with the material things that we all keep close to our hearts.  Deborah works in clay with found objects and all of her pieces are beautifully decorated with colored pencil.

Artist include:
Daniel T. Beck, Micah Cain, Kyle Carpenter, Chandra DeBuse, Lynn Duryea,  David Eichelberger, Mark Errol, Jana Evans, Nathan Falter, Mary Fischer, Rachel K. Garceau, Terry Gess, Martha Grover, Julie Guyot, Erik Haagensen, Leslie Hinton, Andy Sloan Jackson, Daniel Johnston, Brian Jones, Heather Knight, Andrew Massey, Richard Nickel, Erin Paradis, Chris Pickett, Andy Rogers, Deborah Rogers, Valerie Schnaufer, Molly Kite Spadone, Liz Zlot Summerfield, Ryan Takaba and Angelique Tassisstro
Leslie Hinton
Join us for an Artists Reception May 5th at 6pm, Crimson Laurel Gallery, Bakersville NC. 28705. This exhibition will remain through June 29.  The exhibition can be seen and purchased online.  For more information call 828-688-3599 or online at

Come see what's inside the box !

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