Wednesday, May 30, 2012

EKiln Help!

Hi Clubbers!
My ekiln has been acting up and I need help figuring out how to proceed.  I basically only use it to bisque and it's a 4 year old Amaco (I'm the only owner).  I fire to cone 08 on 'slow'.  It has been firing to about 1400 degrees and then shutting off with the error message E1.  I just called Amaco and they said it is either a burnt out element, or broken relay.  How to I figure out which?  Help!


John Britt said...

I am guessing a burnt out element. Unplug it!

Then examine the coil and look for breaks or burn spots. I use a needle tool or sharpened stick to gently lift each part of the coils and see if it falls in half.

Mitzi Davis said...

You can also do the "paper burn" test to see if it's an element. Make sure you ventilate the area, but insert tiny folds of paper behind each element. See which one doesn't burn when you start your kiln; the one that doesn't burn is probably the one needing replacing.

Patrick Houston said...

You can also use an ohm meter to test for continuity (no breaks). Clip test leads to ends of each coil, unfastened from wiring block, and see if one shows no current through the element. Also one or two could show only partial current (almost broken).

Patrick Houston said...

You can use an ohm meter to test for continuity. No indication on meter means bad coil. Differing readings (one weaker than others) shows element beginning to break.

Courtney Martin said...

thanks y'all. the bottom 2 elements are burnt out. ordering new elements now!

Doug N said...

The relays are what to change first if you are in question. They will be cheaper and I would change all of them. I'm guessing you have about three which may come to $100 or so.
You can check the elements by programing a fast fire up to 700 degrees. Crack the door at 700 and look to see if your elements have any color in them. If one is gone, I might consider changing all of them. A single new element will probably fire hotter than the rest and that would be uneven heat so take that into consideration.This would of course cost you $300-400 I'd say depending upon the size and amount of elements.
Hope this helps