Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hayne Bayless – Happiness is: A Warm Extruder & A Sassy Slab

Come spend five days honing your hand-building skills at Cullowhee Mountain Arts in Franklin, NC.

June 24—29, 2012
Medium: ceramics
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

In this workshop students will explore extrusion and slab techniques in the process of making functional stoneware. The approach will be to let the process show in the work, keeping in mind that by  keeping out of clay’s way, the material will reveal its true nature and the results will remain fresh and lively. Topics that will be covered are: cutting stencils from Tyvek; colored slip inlay and stretched slabs; liquid latex resist and deer-tail brushes; fashioning tools out of common materials and modifying existing ones to suit specific needs; and how to make custom extruder dies. This workshop will also interest throwers looking to expand their horizons beyond the wheel. 
“We will work with unconventional forming methods and unusual approaches to surface decoration. Myths will be busted and secrets revealed.” 

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