Thursday, May 10, 2012

Glaze advice NEEDED!!

I have a quick turn-around firing and have to use an untested glaze, so I'm asking for any experiences/suggestions for the following:

I'm using a white stoneware, and the client has selected (from John Britt's book) the Tom Buck Blue Celadon. I need to do some black underglaze brushwork, so I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this combination, and if the underglaze will keep a stable line, if it will burn out or feather out, or if another blue celadon would be recommended for more stable results. Many, Many Thanks for any input!!

Lori Theriault
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Kyle Carpenter said...

I would guess that it would feather out, or move. Also, you would want to use a cobalt free underglaze, amaco velvet jet black. The LUG-1 will go blue (if moving) under a celadon, I would think. Ha! See what Dr. Britt says.