Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rice Hull Ash

Thanks to Fred Johnson-----Here is a source for Rice Hull Ash:

You may send a check for $18.50 (88lbs, includes shipping) to our business address:
Agrilectric Research Co.
P O Box 3716
Lake Charles, LA 70602-3716
When I get the tracking number, I will email it to you.
Lauren Vincent
Shipping Clerk/Notary
(337) 421-6398 personal fax


sheapottery said...

88 pounds for $18? the shipping would be a lot more than that. Did you mean 8lbs?

John Britt said...

Don't know. That is from the company. You may have to call them.

Marian Parkes said...

It says that includes shipping. Not bad. I'd love to get some, but 88 lbs? I don't think so. Anyone local want to share?

What's up with these anti-bot sign on things? I can't even see them much less read them. Even with my glasses Holy cats.

John Britt said...

If the anti-bit is too hard I can take it down but we have been getting spammed and that is the only help.

Marian Parkes said...

Some are easier than others, John. This one wasn't as bad. Spam is worse! Keep it.

Unknown said...

I live in Lake Charles Louisiana and I need much much much more than that. Please email me at I would love to have more information.

Amy Waller said...

I'd suggest contacting them for more information (contact info in the post) - I doubt they're reading this.