Good Grief JB

I sent John Britt a link to a brilliant post on our place in a limitless universe or never ending universes. The post in my view doesn't imply we, our earth, are just a speck in the scheme of things, an insignificant tiny bit of shit, but what exciting adventures of exploration lie ahead for us.  When eighteenth century philosophers claimed the world is more like a mechanical watch with more or less predictable outcomes than a moral drama between the Christian righteous and satan (the medieval view), the ordinary folk were not happy or were the big wigs of Christianity.  I hope y'all be open minded and have a look at the video; it's mind expanding, even for us old folk.  And it seems to me to make our earth more precious and in need of our extreme care.  It's our garden, so to speak, a la Voltaire (just pulling our those big names).  So Newton onward! Sorry if I've implied we're all just poop.  And to set the record straight, we're out in CA because Mary's mom was failing and we hoped to be of some help to her; she needed a lot of care.  We sold our beautiful home in A'ville (well, Madison Co.) for peanuts so we could get out here pdq.  We're still here, in the small town of Benicia, enjoying CA only because we have family here.  We'd of course rather be in A'ville, among friends (?).  Though I'm getting so old I don't know if I can get across the country anymore.  Just an old turkey. When the seas calm again, I'd like to post some basic throwing videos we made at a coop studio in So Cal.  They're meant for fledgling potters struggling with centering, etc.  Very beginning stuff.  Very best to y'all.  hp


Diane Puckett said…
Henry, I thought that was you until I read the y'all and then was not so sure. It is good to hear from you. That is an amazing and humbling montage of photos.

We miss you and Mary. If you return, you may be Clay Club Organizer. Just think of the possibilities!