Loved the new Book! (The Complete Guide to Mid-Rang Glazes)

Got the book - it's great! 

I have lots of glaze books; this is among the top (Robin Hopper and Hans Coper level). 

Though I fire cone 6 electric, I enjoy reading about reduction as it gives a better general understanding of glazes. There are plenty of cone 6 neutral/electric glazes in the book (there are 400), along with giving a good basis of how to create my own and judge others. 

I've recommended it to several others already. Anyone expecting a glaze book tailored to only their needs should realize every glaze book is an aid to creating their own notebook. (One should also consider that cost may not be the sole factor in lower cone firing, less impact on the environment may be the consideration.) 

Everybody - buy the book! (Hope we do meet one day.) - naomi