Sunday, November 16, 2014

TRAC has display spaces available

Good Morning,
A few weeks ago, I met with Dick Baker, the new director of Blue Ridge Regional Hospital Foundation. They have recently moved “off campus” to an almost finished being renovated building on Broad Street (about a block passed the hospital and in about ½ block). They are sharing the space with several other outreach community services. They have plans to offer non-profits the use of the conference room for meetings, the “backyard” for outings (it will eventually have a fire pit and seating). And because they are not on hospital grounds, they are able to have alcohol on premises.
There are a couple of rooms, kitchenesque type walk through rooms complete with cabinetry. Flanking the ceiling in these rooms are small, glass doored display areas.
These are:

width #
Kitchen (illuminated)
19½" 1
13½" 2
15” 2
11 or 22” 1 or 2 (double doors)
16” 1
6½” 1
10½” 1
15 or 30” 1 or 2 (double doors)

Break/Catering Area (illuminated)
14½” 1
10 1
15 or 30” 1 or 2 (double doors)
11 or 22” 1 or 2 (double doors)

Hallway (not illuminated)
16 or 22” 1 or 2 (double doors)

Cabinets are 13” high…width was measured but the normal depth of a kitchen cabinet.

What he is offering is space. They don’t have the funds to purchase art to fill the cubbies, but could display. He said that he would put up a nice sign with the artist name and title (if there is one). If anyone were interested they would contact TRAC.

I know you’ve all read the back page of the Tour Guide and know all about the “branding” agenda we are following. TRAC, in collaboration with 18 other partners have been in the planning stages for over 2 years. This year we received grants (read plural…yippee) that will allow us to hire a project coordinator, consultants and begin the strategizing in earnest. We will need more $$ to complete the wayfinding signage, and this is going to take a few more years, but all the along the way, we are doing are best to make Mitchell/Yancey Counties a destination, not merely a place between hither and yon. All that said, the more folks see art in non-artistic venues, the more a recognition that “this is a place where everything is about the artistic nature of the community.” Kinda like the Chocolate Factory with no calories.

These pieces can be seconds if the “whoops” is on the back. They won’t show. And they should be big enough to fill the area. I may have to put a block underneath if the bottom is covered by the door framing, but there is a foot or so of height.

If you get the pieces to me, I’ll get them to Dick Baker and put them in place. I can swap them out every 6 months or so. I used the studio tour list, but if you know someone who might be interested, pass this along. The more we get the “names” out, the more we’ll get known. Destinations are not just for out-of-towners. There are folks who don’t even know about the Tour except for seeing the signs twice a year. There are those who don’t know where TRAC is. They know Peoples Furniture and see the gallery when they walk out the front door, but…and there are those who don’t equate arts with the every “man or woman”.

FYI, there is also space under a large vitrine in the lobby entrance of the Burnsville Town Hall. There are a few pieces there now that I would like to swap out. It is against the wall, but also plexi all around. A second would be fine as long as it won’t show. You can stop by the Town Hall and see the size. One would be surprised at the number of folks who pay their water bill in person and walk past it each time.

This is an exciting time to be in this area; to be able to watch it grow. Let me know. Call me at 682.7215 or email

Thanks for your support.


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