Monday, November 10, 2014

Slab Roller Wanted

I need a small used slab roller with a wheel handle. Asheville area.


Debbie said...

I know you probably need something more substantial than this, but as a hobby potter, I find it adequate and more than reasonably priced. Thought I would pass link on to you:

Diane Puckett said...

I have seen that, and it looks terrific, but I really need a wheel handle.

Linda Starr said...

I have a slab roller that my husband wants me to sell but am hesitant to do so but wanted to mention that I am now using this 18 inch aluminum rolling pine which does a much better job than the wood ones I started out with and better than the fiberglass ones I used after that I bought it at Amazon and here is the link:

believe it or not I have never used (slightly guilt ridden) my slab roller (made by a machinest friend of mine in California) since I was either moving or traveling and got used to using a hand held rolling pin; here is a link to see what my slab roller looks like, it's very heavey, takes at least two people to move it, it doesn't have a wheel handle but an adaption of a wheel one: