Monday, April 18, 2016

Bailey car kiln for sale in Pittsboro, North Carolina


Jim Pringle has a kiln for sale in Pittsboro, North Carolina - here are the details from Jim:

I have a 72 cu ft Bailey car kiln for sale. It was purchased around 1994 and used for about 12 years. Shelves and posts are included. There is rust on some of the sheet metal, but the fiber and fire bricks are in reasonably good shape. I have a small amount of fibre for repairs.

Burners are set up for propane. They haven’t been used in a long time, so there are probably some insects to be cleaned out before firing. The kiln is under a shed, so it has never been exposed to rain. There is a controller on it, which I mostly by-passed since I use cones and experience when firing. I have the original documentation with it, so the controller and ignition system could be brought back to original conformation it you want. It is placed in a bad spot for moving it out, so I have found a local mover to remove it safely. He will pull it out from under the shed, drive it up a steep hill, and place it on a flat-bed roll back. I know he is capable, because he put it in years ago.

From there, you can have him transfer it to another truck or drive it to your location. I strongly advise having him deliver, since he has moved it before and is very gentle with large items like this. I want $1500 for the kiln. I estimate it will cost about $500 to get it moved out and on his truck. I am willing to charge $2000 for the kiln and include the removal costs if you are more comfortable with that. If you are interested in having him drive the kiln to your location, you will pay him for mileage. I can ask him what is mileage charge is.

I can send many more photos and details.

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