Question on Conversion

I found a glaze I want to test, but I'm not sure how to interpret it. Does this mean percentages or weight?  How do I go about converting this recipe into grams?  G200 0.381 Barium Carbonate 0.19 EPK 0.096 Flint 0.095 Gillespie Borate 0.095 Zinc Oxide 0.094 Copper Carbonate 0.049.  I'm been using the same glazes for so long that I haven't had to do this and I'm feeling really math challenged right now.


Sue McLeod said…
Hi Lynda,
If you move each decimal 2 to the right, you get your percentages. 38.1% G200, 19% Barium carbonate etc. Then you decide how big your batch will be. 5000g, 10000g? Multiply each percentage by your final amount in grams and you get how many grams to weigh out of each material.

Happy glaze mixing, it's my favourite part of the process :)
John Britt said…
Hey Linda,

That is probably from Western Pennsylvania Potters Community Blog . Terry R. wanted to post them that way but just move the decimal to the right like Sue M. says. I would sub strontium for the barium if you are using it for functional ware.