Recap: April Clay Club at Odyssey ClayWorks

A big thank you to Gabriel Kline and the Odyssey All Stars Flying Circus for an amazing demo-filled Clay Club at Odyssey ClayWorks!

Gabriel started things off with an overview of the clay recycling program at Odyssey.

Then he and Anja Bartels started their team throwing demo by throwing 25 pounds for the base of the pot together.

David Voorhees periscoped some of this:

See a couple more videos from Clay Club here:

Gabriel offered a lot of good advice throughout the evening. A sampling:

Always buy one size bigger than you need.


Switch to the metric system. Just do it.

Next up was Paul Gisondo with a faceting demonstration.

Gabriel and Anja continued on their collaborative project.

Julia Claire demonstrated her decal process which includes the use of a china paint printer.

Cayce Kolstad did a slip decoration demo.

More work on Gabriel and Anja's collaboration.

Mac McCusker demonstrated slab carving.

(Plug: Mac will be doing a 3-day "Discovering Decals" workshop at Odyssey in August.)

Putting the top on the collaborative project.

Kyle Cramer did a slab cylinder demo.

Checking the collaborative project with a level.

Putting on the handle.

And - the collaboration is almost finished. Final pre-trimming weight: 67.5 pounds of clay.

(Plug: Anja and Gabriel will be doing a 5-day large-scale pottery workshop at Odyssey this summer.)

Wow! Thanks again to Gabriel, Anja, Paul, Julia, Cayce, Mac, Kyle, and everyone who came!

And a reminder: next month's Clay Club will also be at Odyssey - check out the details and make some Ikebana pots to bring to this special critique opportunity!!