Thursday, April 28, 2016

North Carolina Pottery Center Directory of Potters and Ceramic Artists

The North Carolina Pottery Center has a new online directory of North Carolina potters and ceramic artists. It looks like even if you were included in their previous directory you will need to submit your information to be included in the new directory.

Here's the information from the North Carolina Pottery Center:

There is also a new Directory of North Carolina Potters available via our website.

Note: As a North Carolina potter/ceramic artist, you must self-submit your listing if you wish to be included in our directory.

You may self-submit your listing by using the "Submit A Listing" button on the Directory of Potters page and following any instructions. Please also click on the "Instructions for Submitting A Listing" link on that page and read the instructions prior to filling out and submitting your entry.

As our mission (promoting awareness and appreciation of the history, heritage and ongoing tradition of pottery making) focuses on North Carolina pottery/ceramics, only North Carolina potters and ceramic artists who both live in and sell work in North Carolina are eligible to be listed in the North Carolina Pottery Center’s Directory of Potters.

Any potters meeting the above criteria are eligible for inclusion in the North Carolina Pottery Center’s Directory of Potters with a free base listing. (The North Carolina Pottery Center may later introduce some features that are eligible only to members of the North Carolina Pottery Center or that are fee-based.)

As the number of potters/ceramic artists listed in the directory grows, it will become increasingly useful to the public as they embark on their pottery adventures (and buying sprees) around our state and increasingly beneficial to potters as means of promoting their business.

To see an example of how your entry might look in the directory, please see “Joe Example Ceramics” in the directory.

For more information and to submit your listing visit

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