Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Shawn Ireland Exhibit at Haywood!

HCC is honored to present an exhibition of  
North Carolina potter Shawn Ireland.
Travel, Collect, Create: A Potter's Inspiration
Shawn’s work & his collection of objects are both deeply influenced by his study and travels in many divergent cultures.
He's brought a lively collection of these inspiring objects as well as examples of his lovely pottery -- all on display at HCC.
Not to be missed!

Good words from Shawn:
“I love to travel & search for objects which have a spirit, a voice, or some quality that speaks to me.   This quality I believe is derived from a unique relationship between adept craftsmanship and a makers respect for a chosen material. An energy can exist in objects which is difficult to describe, but this energy can resonate and communicate.
These collected objects enrich my home environment and inform my pottery and sculpture. In our visually connected culture, we have access to so many images of world-class folk craft and art, but  these images cannot compare to actually living and interacting with handmade objects. 

The renowned Japanese potter, Shoji Hamada, has said of his collections: ‘I was sustained and nourished by them and I am grateful to these objects… they watch me, they watch over me in my work. The things in my collection make sure that I do not lower my standards… They become part of you and everything that is part of you goes directly into your potting.’ ”
Mon 4/25 - 10:30am 
Creative Arts Gallery at Haywood
Free & open to the public!

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