Monday, September 26, 2011

Smithsonian Oral History Project


I posted this last night on the WPAPotters blog.  I so enjoyed the interview that Val Cushing did for the Smithsonian oral history library that I went through the 600 artists/craftspeople and picked out the potters/ceramic artists.  This posting has a picture of a pot, the potters name and the specific link to their interview transcription on the Smithsonian site.  I will be making an additional posting of those potters interviewed but whose interviews have not been transcribed yet.  I spoke to the Smithsonian directer in charge of this project and she said the project is now finished in terms of new interviews but that funding was provided to hire some help to transcribe those interviews already done.

I will post this link on the ClayArt forum for others use.  I am thinking about expanding my profiles of potters to others beyond the Penna. region but I cannot invest a day's time traveling, interviewing, and photographing each individual.  I am going to try to select some potters to see if they will send me pictures of their studio and how they work and then set up a telephone interview to capture additional information so that I can tell each one's story to share with others.   

In seeing what the Smithsonian has done, I have come to realize how valuable recording this information is to those who are both around us now and for artisans to come.  I don't want this history to be lost (although it won't ever be completely lost without me).  I am referring not only you guys with have an international reputation but also others who may not have achieved the limelight.

Any way, please look at the posting and if you have any reactions or guidance for me that would be great.

Hope you and yours are healthy and happy.

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Terry Rorison

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