Saturday, September 17, 2011

Websites for Artists

John Britt to Will Baker- "Do  you still make websites for potters/artists"?

REPLY:  I still do them for folks but lately it seems that I have certain months that have become very busy.  As long as someone is not in an extreme rush, it would not be a problem.

I build them with Wordpress, starting at around $350 for the simplest and going up depending on how much info one wants.

I also have no problem telling folks about some of the other options out there, which can save little $$ upfront if one is willing to do the work oneself. 

Feel free to pass this on to who ever needs it.

William Baker

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Alexis said...

I have made a few websites and the best tool I have found is It's a what-you-see-is-what-you-get- interface and it only took me a couple of hours of playing with it to learn how to use it. It's mostly intuitive but they also have excellent video explanations if you get stuck. Here are two examples of sites I made using wix: and The hosting fees are average-$5-10/month and they also have mobile sites that come with your website hosting fee and they work on ipads and iphones as well as smartphones. It sounds like I work for them...but I don''s just such a great tool for artists....I think everyone should know. (One warning: make your pics the right size for the web, 72 dpi, or your site will load slowly. They are working on an automatic resizing tool, but until it's available you must do it yourself.) Good luck!