Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Artist-In-Residence 2011

John with Residents

Artist-In-Residence Opportunity
at Cub Creek


The Cub Creek residency program is directed towards emerging artists. The $475 monthly fee provides the resident with a large, approximately 400 sq ft studio space, a private room in newly built resident housing, all utilities, studio equipment and access to a variety of kilns.

Although there are no classes or assignments, residents will be guided in their development by our Director John Jessiman. After receiving an MFA from Alfred, where he was Val Cushing's teaching assistant, he embarked on an over thirty year teaching career at NY State University and has conducted many workshops. John has stated that he learned to teach from Val Cushing, one of the greatest ceramic arts teachers. As an assistant to Val he has adopted Val's honest yet constructive style of critique. "I want students to leave a critique anxious to return to their studios and resume the solution." John also has an extensive exhibition history having exhibited Nationally  and Internationally.

At CCF we have a revolving application system. Once accepted into our program the applicant will be given the opportunity to schedule a starting date. Currently we have open space in November, January and March. In September 2012 we will have three openings.

There is more information on our website at or send an e-mail to

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