Thursday, September 8, 2011

Steve Slatin's GNU BLUE cone 6


Steve Slatin's GNU BLUE cone 6

(Oxidation or Reduction)

Alberta Slip 75.00
Gerstley Borate 15.00 (original used the substitute Gillispie Borate)
Dolomite 5.00
Silica 4.00

Rutile 4.00


Marian Parkes said...

Like! :)

John Britt said...

Send Steve a note: "Steve Slatin" ,

Joyful Things said...

Will Boraq (instead of Gerstley Borate) have the same results do you think?

John Britt said...

Not sure Joyful Things.

You should send a note to Steve Slatin: claystevslat at

The Dirty Potter said...


East Alabama Pottery said...

Great looking glaze. Think I'll try it today. Alberta Slip is right down my alley. Thanks Steve Slatin.

Karin said...

What can be a substitute for Alberta slip? I live in South America. Thanks!!!

John Britt said...

You need a low fire earthenware clay.

Contact Tony Hansen at

Or on Facebook

Roy Odom said...

Is the pot in the picture only glazed with Gnu Blue and is it fired in oxidation or reduction?