Wednesday, September 7, 2011

St. John's Repair Cement cone 04 - 10

 31.0 Fire clay
  6.0 Fredricksburg
  3.0 XX Sagger
  3.0 Goldart
  1.0 Lizella
  6.0 Alumina Hydrate
  3.0 Wollastonite
  2.0 Whiting
  4.0 Nepheline Syenite
  6.0 Soda Feldspar
  6.0 Gerstley Borate
  2.0 Lithium Carbonate
  4.0 Ceraflux
    0.5 Darvan
    0.5 CMC
   1.0 Bentonite
100.0 Potassium Carbonate

  6.0 Fine Grog
  7.0 Medium Grog
  Handful Nylon fiber

Will repair and fix cracks, breaks, holes. Use like refractory cement.

I know nothing about this concoction but it was in a book I got from Alfred Summer School 1994 . I know it doesn't add up to 100% and I don't  know what Fredricksburg is but it is probably a fire clay?  Test, test, test....


Dan Finnegan said...

John, I live in Fredericksburg....if anyone wants some of our fair city, I'm sure it could be arranged...for a price! (there is no clay of note here...maybe it's Fredericksburg, Texas...or Pennsylvania...)

John Britt said...

Hey Dan,

No sure where that is from?? Looked all over but never found any fire, ball , stoneware or earthenwaare called Fredricksburg. Oh well... if it is from your fair town, As Candide would say, "your fortune is made, your glory assured".

John said...

Fredricksburg is another name for Holmes clay from L&M Mineral Co. in Millersburg, Ohio. It is nice clay - we use it. I think that I first heard of it from Cary Hulin. If I have the story right, Fredricksburg is actually in Wayne County but right on the border of Holmes County. I can't imagine that it would make any difference if you substituted another fire clay or stoneware clay - esp since calls for 31 parts of "fire clay." It sounds like some body mixed a some glaze with clay and added pearl ash - not a very likely combination.

John Britt said...

Thanks for that John. Kinda weird recipe. I am have to try it to see what it is,and if it works.