Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Networking for Craftpersons

Apropos of 'networking for craftspersons,' the topic of the last clay club, there's an article in the Sept 6 issue of Forbes which you can get at  Seems you have access to the whole article without paying a cent..

The focus of the article is on labor/employee vs management relationships (also citizen vs dictator) but there's some good stuff applicable to the manager/potter-to-client relationship.  Oh well, who's in the cat seat? The gist: listen to your clients, discover their needs; let your clients suggest new ways of . . .

What's missing is the need for the Creator to anticipate, even create, the needs of the client, because existing needs can be passe or resistant to change.  That prob got a lot of other Amer co's in trouble, but not the big Apple.   I mean who needs all the wonderful gadgets? 

By the way, Daniel Yergin has a new book out, The Quest. Gotta keep abreast.  hp

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