Thursday, September 22, 2011

Win a teacup!

(From Elisabeth Maurland via Ann Darling and edited to say there are only two days left to vote -- voting ends Friday September 23 at midnight.)


I am in the midst of a Northeast Iowa contest for a small business grant, where the goal is to garner the most votes by Sep. 23 to win $5000 for a specific project, or "dream". Mine is to extend the designs I create for my pottery, into textiles. I am asking all my friends and fans to help me by voting for my "dream".

I am in second place, there are only two days left to vote, and I have just started raffling off one of my teacups.

Enter the raffle by first voting here:, and then tell me about it either by emailing me or commenting on my Facebook page (Anne Elisabeth Maurland or Elisabeth Maurland).

This is the raffle piece:

If you like my ideas and wouldn't mind sharing with others who might be kind enough to vote, that would be great too!

Thank you!

Elisabeth Maurland

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