Friday, April 26, 2013

Trying to get outa town

Equipment for sale:

7.5" Shimpo banding wheel in new condition: $45.00
6 ' fiberglass tables: 4 @ $20.00 ea.  (in good shape)
4'      ditto                 4 @ $10.00
large masonite bats:  @3-4 free
  Lexmark all-in-one ink jet printer:  $20.00  (takes a $5.00 black ink cartridge; cheap to use, good quality)
  APC  Line-R  1250VA  voltage and amp filter. (Look up on Google.) Why do you need this: protects your valuable electronic equipment much better than a simple surge protector.  I would take it with us but it weighs too much and I'm tired of stuff. Tired!  It's free.

There's some more stuff in storage if interested.

Henry Pope & Mary Mikkelsen (reluctantly)

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