Monday, April 8, 2013

Wheelchair Accessibility Guidelines for Studio Tour

For Clay Clubbers participating in the Toe River Arts Council June studio tour: TRAC is adding a "wheelchair accessibility" symbol to the guidebook. They're relying on artists to indicate whether or not their studio is accessible. This information was requested in the studio tour application, but TRAC sent out a more detailed email about it today. They're requesting that tour participants respond by Wednesday (actually the email says "before Wednesday") - not a lot of time so I wanted to help spread the word here.

​Has anyone ever addressed accessibility in a studio tour situation like this? I would love to know how other individual artists and studio tour organizers have dealt with this issue.

Here's the text of the email TRAC sent out today:​

Some of you may have missed the option on handi-cap accessibility that we had included for the June Tour application. This is a direction we are moving towards to make all TRAC programs and facilities accessible and open for all people to enjoy, including the tours. We will be planning accessible workshops in the future to help us all move in this direction, but for the this tour we are boldly moving forward by including a wheelchair accessible symbol on the guide at each site that feels like they can provide this accommodation. The concern of liability was discussed by presenting this symbol, and some had thought it would be better not to include. But from the state’s standpoint liability is presented whether is it marketed or not, and doing nothing is a greater liability.

The North Carolina Arts Council has provided guidance and support for TRAC to move in this direction. If you have any questions/concerns, we would be happy to research and get back with you.

Some of the features to consider when checking off on this feature (wheelchair accessible) include:

• Door to studio – that it is at least 32” wide and easy to o pen.
• The door is either at ground level or there is a ramp to your studio.
• The pathway to your studio is either paved or packed.
• Accessible parking is available.

Another option we discussed was listing sites that could accommodate wholesale orders. We decided not to include this in the guide, but will be happy to keep an internal list for only qualified wholesale purchasers.

We have also had calls concerning commission work. Inquiries came primarily for organizations seeking quantity. Again, this is not included in the guide, but we will keep an internal list for qualified inquiries.

We are in the final stages of proofing the Tour Guide. If you wish to add the wheelchair accessible symbol to your listing, please email before Wednesday.

Add the Wheelchair accessible symbol to my site ____

Internal TRAC document only:
I accept wholesale orders (qualified buyers only) ____

I accept commission orders (qualified inquiries only) ____

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! Having become an amputee several years ago (after a car jumped a curb to bite off my foot) I've learned a lot about the problems those of us with "alternate transportation devices" (I can't call something which costs $13k anything less). One man who though a Paralympics winner, would go home in frustration some days after fruitlessly hunting for a parking space, as able-bodied people had taken them. Thanks for opening up more of the world.