Thursday, April 11, 2013

Clay Club April 10, 2013 Ila Prouty

We had a great time at Clay Club last night. I want to thanks Jann and the members of the ArtsCentered in Bakersville. They had an amazing food spread!!!

Also wanted to thank Ila Prouty who took out time to give us a talk about her work. 

The bowls above are what we made, which related to her current work.

You can see some of it on her website:

Dream Repeater

I’m fascinated with repetition and how it has the ability to intensify experience and create significance, even as each repetition drifts from the original.

I collect vivid and repeating dreams from others then create repetitions of them in various ways. I write the dreams, I retell them, I reenact them, and invite others to adopt them. I make prints, sculptures and videos as repetitions of them.

In each of these ways, I seek to reinforce and grow the dreams. Perhaps through this process, the dream of one person will transform into something beyond its own borders, just as an obituary begins the retelling of a life that might spin out through many iterations to become, eventually, the myth of a god.

I have been thinking about how repetition magnifies experience, and my role in that process. Each time I retell a dream, or make another version of it, I build another layer. In a way this is like the repetition of daily life. We wake each day, smile at the baby, change her diaper and make some coffee. We build ritual and meaning out of everyday repetition. This is especially true if we notice what we are doing as we do it.

or in this video:

Goldilocks, Save the World (making plans and getting ready)

Next month Clay Club will be at John Hartom's in Burnsville.

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