Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pottery Equipment FOR SALE

Pottery Equipment

$30.00 Raku Tongs 31" in length 45°. Never Used

$60.00 Men’s 23” Insulated Leather Gloves cut fuller for larger sized hands. They feature “sock” fit liner and aluminized Kevlar™ layer. “Sock” fit liners don’t have the seams that other liners have, thus preventing heat seepage through the seams. Never Used

$150.00 Giffin Grip Model 10
Re-Centering and Holding Tool
Very Little Use!                
Basic Blue Sliders - for centering plates, bowls and lids
2" & 3" Arms - for holding mugs, tea cups, casseroles                                  
4" & 5" Arms - for small bottles, pitchers, jars
6" Arms - for taller bottles, pitchers, large vases

Eric Moore
604 Rountree St.
Wilson, NC 27896


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