Thursday, February 19, 2009

Collaborations Show

Macon Art Gallery
April 3-25, 2009

Featuring collaborative ceramic works by Eileen Braun, Rick Berman,John Britt, Meg Campbell, Heather Davis, Susan Feagin, Kenneth Horvath, Roger Jamison, Diane Mead, Joy Raynor, Kate Tremel and Tom Zwerlein.

It is sort of like the "Exquisite Corpse" idea. I sent my bisque work to Diane Mead and she sent me hers. Then we glazed and decorated them the way we saw fit and then they, along with everyone else’s collaborative works, are all assembled into a show.

It should be very interesting!

John Britt


ang design said...

i thought they were penguins...nup....

Art Department Store said...

The image is Eileen Braun's from an Atlanta show, pieces that won an award at Univ of Georgia.

Eileen has traded bisque with Ken Horvath who runs an art center north of Atlanta. The image also from last summer in Boston at Vessels gallery, a really fabulous place (close to all the really great Boston restaurants).
diane mead

Linda Starr said...

That sounds like such a fun collaboration. I would love to do that some day.

John Britt said...

Maybe we should do it at Clay Club?