Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Word of the Day

Learned a new word today:

Butt Munch!

That says it all,

John (Butt Munch) Britt


Art Department Store said...

Only people under the age of 4 do not know the term Butt Munch. It is protocol that all kindergarten kids must learn it on the first day, along with many other pearls of wisdom. I try to use the term every day, as it is so descriptive of so much. My good friend Betty just called her boss a Butt Muncher today. dmead

John Britt said...


I have heard of Lying Sack of Shit but not butt munch.

Any other terms I missed?


Unknown said...

"Butt Munch" is a new one for me. Growing up (at age 8 or 9), the ultimate insult was to call someone a "Bun Hugger". My sister and I still find that phrase funny.

Oh, and she (sister) use to tell one of her sons to "get on your ass pony" when whe wanted him to do something. Of course, he thought that was pretty funny.

"Moon Alert" for really low riding pants.

Linda Starr said...

I just pinched a derriere pot, does that count? My husband, Gary wanted to call it a butt pot, but I wanted a more refined title for my post, perhaps I should have stuck with butt pot.

Art Department Store said...

John, it is clear you do not teach high school. "Crack baby" is a terrible, all purpose term teens use on each other when they do dumb things. Heinous, but still memorable.They go even further and (no aspersions cast, just really terrible judgment) call each other gay if they do something awkward. Even gay kids think it is okay to say that. I don't let them use those terms, but so goes the colorful nature of teen life. ---dmead