Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Need an Electric Kiln

Yo Potters (in the 828 area code),

Jenny Lou Sherbourne, one of our most esteemed colleagues, and one of the only "real” potters actually on the Roan, is in need of an electric kiln. About 8 cu. ft. would be good. If you have any leads she would be very appreciative!

Hurry, her life is depending on Your action!!

John Britt


Linda Starr said...

Oh this background color is much better.

I have found three kiln's on Craig's list over the last year or so amazingly. I had folks listening to local trader's radio shows for me and others asking high school teachers if they had any - might be able to dig one up that way.

Clay Club said...

I have an old manual L & L.... I emailed you Jenny. Let me know if you're interested.