Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sharing ideas

Just like our subtitle says, right? I have a studio mate from college who lives in San Diego now and she checks our blog regularly. Having recently moved, she's taking a class until she can set up her home studio. Her instructor is lecturing on glazes. In fact, he tested John's oil spot with unsatisfactory results. She referred her instructor to our blog. The first post he saw was Mark's about adding a Clay Club facebook page. You remember, the one with Mark's profile picture of a man (not Mark I believe) with his head up his arse. I can't wait to hear the reaction to the lengthy "Ass Munch" discussion. John, didn't you ever watch Beavis and Butthead?
It's real.

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John Britt said...


Guess I was more into Wayne's World.

Butt Head/ Butt Munch..hummm

Tell your friend to email me and I will help them with the Oil Spots.