Monday, February 9, 2009


For those of you are coming to Wednesday night's Clay Club meeting who were thinking, "Oh, I don't throw in front of others," or "Thank God I don't look like Mark Peters," well, Cynthia Bringle was nice enough to make your mugs for you so you won't get all dirty and stuff. But we still need you to add the handle and the decoration! The Grammys are over and you need to get out of the house, people. See you this Wednesday at Penland!


Mark Peters said...

I'll be there. And what's up with that comment about how I look? At least I have a tie?
Don't worry, I'll floss.

billBUCKNER said...

Call me perverse. But, I love seeing a gaggle of damp pots. Don't get me wrong - finished ones are beautiful, too of course. I just love those soft, damp forms that want to be touched and loved. I wish I could join the finishing party on this one.

Art Department Store said...

I am stuck in Georgia too, emailing TZwierlein and hoping he won't forget our show.....I would always rather be eating pizza Susan went to fetch than oatmeal in Georgia...tho it is 74 degrees here today...And yes, Susan, my Bmix is ^10.Cheers!!!
one of our local bloggers here has exactly the same mug/butt shot as used in the Mark Peters photo, dressed for business caszhual in his tie.