Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just recently did a glaze workshop with John Britt. It was great! John is such an amazing teacher. He has the ability to take something very complicated , glaze chemistry no less, and put it into understandable terms. Not only was the workshop great, but John is an all around fun person to be with. I recommend this to anyone interested in clay. Wish I had done this years ago!!!! Too bad I had to wander in the desert for 30 years.

Linda McFarling


Art Department Store said...

Okay, that is the nuttiest thing ever, for Linda to say she is wandering in the desert....Look at her work! If that is wandering, I will do that too. But seriously, I love the JBritt book and have read it many times and I hope they will do a movie of it soon. Maybe Linda can play the part of a woman wandering in the desert until she discovers the book!!! diane mead

John Britt said...
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John Britt said...

It's Biblical baby!

Thanks Linda. And if anyone ever gets lucky enough to take Linda's Workshop --do it!