Monday, February 16, 2009

Kick Ass Bread Recipe

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klineola said...

This is a great recipe. I've been experimenting with a caraway rye bread using a variation of it. I use 2/3 c rye flour and 2 1/3 white flower. I add 3 t caraway. I'm glad your sharing this recipe, because it's an easy one to make. I usually make my batch before I go to bed and finish it during lunch the next day. We have a fresh loaf every day!

John Britt said...


I will try your rye.

It is great if you time it well. NO WORK!


Any other secrets to share?


klineola said...

I add a little more water with the whole grain, up to 2 cups. I've used 1 cup whole wheat and 2 cups white, but the bread is to crumbly. Same with the rye. seems like more than 2/3 c gets it into crumbly-land. but maybe you like crumby?

With rye, you might want to briefly roast your caraway on a cast iron skillet. Brings out some of the complexities of this fine fruit! Yes caraway is actually considered a fruit, don't ask me why it's called seed!

Akvavit and several liqueurs are also made with caraway. In one of the short stories in Dubliners by James Joyce, a character eats caraway fruits to mask the alcohol on his breath.

Anything else, just google!

Togeika said...


I've lost over 60 lbs. in less than a year. Have been on a low carb regime since April, so I have given up most bread. But have been baking my own low-carb bread using soy flour, rye flour, oat flour and wheat gluten. Pretty good.

I also like Japanese pancakes, Okinomiyaki. It is a savory egg pancake. As kids, we used to call it "Japanese pizza." I make it with soy flour, oat flour and a little wheat gluten and extra eggs.

John Britt said...

Hey Lee,

I may have to try that,