Monday, August 3, 2009

all things tent

Tent-less Gluckin here preparing to embark on craft show journeys. I would love suggestions re: best tents for the craft show world ... sturdy, well-made, affordable. Do those exist? Also, best place to purchase ... anyone have one they want to sell? ... or borrow? 'til I acquire my very own? Needing one for the Bakersville Creekwalk. All suggestions welcome!


June Perry said...

Lisa, I have an 8X8, sturdy tent that I've only use a few times. It's been packed away for years. I don't have any side panels or weights for it; but it's not one of those lightweight, inexpensive ones.
You're welcome to borrow it for Creek walk.I just have to ask Jim where he's stored it.

Kari Weaver said...

I have a 10x10 and I think it's called an EZ Up. It's pretty easy to put up. I bought it at Home Depot several years ago. If you're around this weekend, I'll be at the Mt Mitchell show.

I *think* I have extra sides. I found some here at the house after we moved in but I've never unfolded them to see how big they are. Let me know if you want those.

Clay Club said...

Yay! Gluckin can finally post!
EZ = economical, but not most sturdy. I'd reccommend it. You can order it through Sam's Club for like $150-$200. Be sure to get the model they make for crafters. They have several models. Others are lighter duty and not as good.
Welcome to hell (that is craft shows).

Tracey Broome said...

I just bought a 10X10 pop up at Dick's Sporting Goods on sale for $69. Very easy to set up and the case has rollers on the bottom for distance load ins. You can buy screen or solid side panels for like $29. Took it to Bonnaroo and loved it!

Unknown said...

I use a !0 x 10 EZ up I got from BJs for $200 with sides. If it's windy you'll need weights.