Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wet Boxes

At the Handles Workshop this past weekend we talked about the wet box which is used to keep handles from drying out if you are not using them immediately.

Found out that not everyone knew about this little gem even though it is listed in Bernard Leach's classic "The Potter's Book"from 1940.

Just get a tupperware or plastic tub from Wal-mart and put an inch or so of plaster in it. The plaster stays wet for a while but if you ever need it, just add a cup or so of water to keep everything in it wet for months.

Hope that helps!

No need for plastic, or endlessly checking on stuff or spritzing every day.

John Britt


Unknown said...

Very Cool. I love styrofoam fish boxes for keeping pots damp until I can trim them, plastic containers with tight fitting lids work too, but the styrofoam is free - learned this in Japan when I lived there.


John Britt said...

Great idea!

Spinning Madly On said...

Nice! Ive used the tupperware box. . . but have never added the plaster. Great tip!