Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clay Club Report

Had are really fun time at Clay Club last night! Thanks to Dorothy for all her efforts to make it a fun time. We had a Presidential election and Emily won out over a fierce fight from John "the mouse" Ferlazzo.

So, in celebration, Emily started chugging beers and as you can see in this photo, she was having a really good time.

Shortly after that she got up on the table and and had her "victory dance" know the rest of the story.....several DWI's, a couple of stints in rehab, a messy divorce, a year in prison on a weapons violation, a brief appearance on Nancy Grace, etc. etc.

But I digress.

Dorothy has a very nice place and some wonderful sculptures. I particularly like the whales.

So......................... next month we will meet at Wildacres and the following month will be in Asheville at The Clay Space. Any ideas for topics?

Emily, our illustrious president, had some... but I forgot them.

Does the secretary have the minutes of the meeting?

Kiln slide show? We still have info on Residencies.

Anyway, be sure to mark you calendar's for the Monster Liz Zlot Summerfield Auction .

We all need to be there and to be actually buying stuff for her!!!

See ya next month,

John Britt


Clay Club said...

The most valuable information I learned at Clay Club is that horse back riding cures Hemroids.
Thanks John Ferlazzo!

Clay Club said...

My idea for another Clay Club is Kiln Talk. Will & Joy could share their converted electric kiln for soda firing. Shane Mickey made some modifications to his anagma, I think. Those ClaySpace guys could share their recent kiln building, and anyone else who has documentation of their kiln building could also share.

John Britt said...

Nice work Madam President.

If you see Eric or Joy/Will or Shane ...line 'em up.

sculptedelementdesign said...

i am so mad that i wasn't able to attened clay club last night, studip car is broken! i will and i mean i will be at he next meeting. and maybe my mom will come to?

sculptedelementdesign said...
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