Monday, August 3, 2009

Glaze Dealer

Need to test a glaze but you're missing one random ingredient? Call me, I may have what you need!
I've come into a hodge podge of glaze materials. Some I don't need. I'd be happy to give them to you for FREE! I also have lots of cones. Here they are in approximate quantities:

1# or less:
Arabic Gum (powdered)
Nickel Carb
Alumina Hydrate

Fritt 3110
Fritt 3134
Fritt 5301
Barium Carb
Zinc Oxide
Lithium Carb
Mackie's Slip
Calcined China Clay
Volcanic Ash
Black Copper Oxide

09, 08, 07, 4, 5, 6, 7

Oh yeah, I've also got:
40 2800 degree IFB's 3"x4.5"x9" and about 200 Medium duty hard bricks

If you're interested, leave a comment or email me

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John Britt said...

I will take it off your hands E,

John Britt