Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ideas and Venues for Clay Club

Yo Clubbers,

If anyone has any ideas for a Clay Club (other than the standard excessive eating and even more excessive drinking) please post them or email me at:

We (the committee) love to hear your suggestions and then throw them in the trash while we are laughing uproariously...Oh wait a minute.... that was the wrong committee.

We (the committee) would love to hear your suggestions and any suggestions for places to host "THE CLUB."

We are booked until November but after that...

If we don't get any suggestions we will have to take Emily's!

John Britt


Gluck said...

yowza bowza
sounds like it was fun
the gluck be happy for that
thinking about hosting at The Energy Xchange sometime ...
but topics ... hmmmm, I will think on that ... a "critique"/feedback session. I missed the last one. Seems potentially exciting and helpful ... responding to eachothers work?

John Britt said...


You got it. November at Energy Xchange?

sculptedelementdesign said...

i might be able to host at the mushroom factory sometime! maybe!!!

John Britt said...


Let me or Emily know.