Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Peach Bloom Tests

Here are the latest images....nothing definitive but we are getting some nice stuff.

John Britt


Walk the Dog Arts said...


Linda Starr said...

Beautiful color.

June Perry said...

Nice John. How high did you fire?
I once read that the do best in the cone 9 range.

John Britt said...


We are trying 6 firing cycles and one is a cone 9 reduction. We are also trying super heavy reduction, cone 11, etc.

I will let you know when we know more. I have a firing out today.

Hope you are well?!


John Bauman said...

That's an absolutely stunning glaze.

Roz Potz said...

Very nice. I am just getting my kiln hooked up and I am nervous about mixing glazes on my own but I will. Then as I get better I can show you the results.

John Britt said...


You can do it!

Roz Potz said...

Thanks John, I will be asking for your input, but I know I will get there.