Friday, August 28, 2009

Rain & Carolina Kiln Build

With all this rain my pots aren't drying enough to be finished, so I ventured out of the studio this afternoon to visit Eric Knoche, Josh Copus and their Carolina Kiln Build Crew out at Copus's place in Madison County. These folks came from far and wide to join the effort in building two wood fire kilns which they've been working on for the past 3 weeks.
Here's the "burrow," kiln, the smaller of the two. But don't be deceived, this frontal view doesn't do justice to the truly adequate size of this kin. The front face of this nifty arch form can be removed so the horizontal wood slats fold on top of one another, cinching down for easy removal once the bricks are in place.
I arrived shortly after they had removed the arch for for this larger kiln. Here you see the beginnings of the exit flu and ample side stoke holes.

Typical Clayspace ambition was evident at the site. I'm sure the crew will be working hard over the weekend to get the kilns as near completion as possible. Maybe i'll come by to help with the third pizza kiln. Or at least i'll help eat the pizza ;)
For serious though, nice work y'all. A pleasure to see teamwork, resourcefulness and beautiful kilns!

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John Britt said...

Nice Job Boys and Girls!

Looks like you are gettin'er done.

I need one of those at the Glaze Institute.