Saturday, August 22, 2009

Last Workshop for 2009!

This upcoming Basic Glaze Chemistry And Raw Materials Workshop coming up August 31 - September 4, is the last workshop for 2009!

Thanks to everyone for a great year! Over 85 people came to the studio from as far away as Alaska for the workshops and also enjoyed a delicious lunch!!

I will be scheduling more for 2010 in the upcoming weeks. If you have any suggestions for topics or dates let me know.

I had over 27 workshops this year ranging from one afternoon to one week. I had many at my studio but also in Wyoming, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Canada and Korea.

The workshops included: Digital Craft Photography, Reed Handles, Handle Making, Glaze Chemistry, How to Fire, Oil Spot firing, Kiln Building, etc. So let me know what you are interested in and I will try to schedule around your interests.

Thanks again,

John Britt

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Nelle Fastman Pingree said...

John, So what is the deal for the Thursday of the glaze workshop? I have to make arrangements if we are going an extra day, or extra hours each day, or what?