Thursday, December 11, 2008


At chocolate Clay Club last night we brain stormed some ideas for future meeting topics and themes. Here's some ideas we came up with. Let us know what you think and please share any ideas you have.
  • Establishing Goals for the New Year (finding new outlets, shows, ......what else, Kyle?
  • Feedback and Critiques (in small groups/ one big group?)
  • Tool swap (bring tools you never use, swap'em)
  • Documenting digitally (perhaps photography, blogging, etc...)
  • Demonstartions (Kline, want to show us brushwork? Any volunteers? Requests?)
  • Technical discussions (in small groups: Kilns, firing, glaze issues, promoting your work, etc.. more ideas?)

I know we had more, can anyone post what i'm forgetting?

Anyone want to host Clay Club at their studio?

Thanks John Ferlazzo for your hospitality!

Potter's of the Roan, we missed you!


klineola said...

As far as doing a demo, I'd love to. Maybe I should do it after my studio is finished and we can meet there! P's OTR missed you all last night, too.

Clay Club said...


John Britt said...

The Roan Mountain Potters Cartel's plans to take over the world is not going to work.

The Penland Potters are the forces for good and you will never win!

klineola said...

We're well funded, more numerous, and mostly taller. besides, we're kings of the hill.

Clay Club said...

These comment boxes are not for sh*it-talking. As President, I feel it's my responsibility to keep things on track here....hmmm..interesting topic/theme:
P'sOTR challenge Penland Potters to a "throw off?"

klineola said...

Oh do you mean a throw down?

sculptedelementdesign said...

hey Em. want to do clay club at your studio in jan? i don't know if i can, because my sister is getting ready to have a baby. i can host in feb.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of breaking into smaller groups at the meetings, it seems like it would help some of these great topics/themes get discussed in a little more detail. Maybe sometime for the general social hour and them smaller groups and folks can join in wherever the like?

I likely won't be able to make the next few meetings 'cause of a class I'm teaching on Wed. nights for the next few weeks. Here's another thought: what if we make the blog more of discussion/group conversation about the themes and ideas percolating in the meetings. Perhaps we can make a change which would make the blog site a little more conducive to this and leave the meeting for a nice chance for all to get together and eat well.

For example, I like the site at and also the blog service Wordpress.

Ning has a lot of nice features like each member's photos, discussions, etc., plus different pages for all of the different topics. I don't have experience setting up one of these, but I can help with Wordpress if people are interested in moving over there.

klineola said...

Of course I love the idea of setting up a group site on Ning. It is a great way to stay in touch. Maybe someone should bring this up as official business at the nest meeting. I have used the salt and soda site and its very effective and easy to set up. But nevertheless I fear it may not be for everyone. It should be discussed.