Thursday, December 11, 2008

Site Meter

Does anyone know how to put the site meter our site? I have the HTML code but don't know how to insert it?

Thanks John


Kyle Carpenter said...

you have to be the creator of the blog, i think.
go to dashboard.
under clay club, go to layout.
go to "add a gadget" in the right column.
a pop-up window will come up.
scroll down to html/javascript.
hit the "+" button.
give the sitemeter a title, if needed.
paste the html code into the body.
you're done.
there's also a buch of other stuff you can add like a blog-roll and a survey.
happy administrating!

John Britt said...

Thanks dude, I will try it,


klineola said...

Yeah I think Kyles right. You have to be the administrator. Emily?

Unknown said...

Information on adding a site meter:

Eric Preece said...

Not built in but if you're interested in tracking your traffic try Google analytics.

Very easy to install and industry standard metrics.