Sunday, December 28, 2008


White Crackle Slip cone 6

55.6 EPK
26.0 Custer Feldspar
17.2 Georgia Kaolin
1.2 Borax

Then apply red iron oxide wash and rub off.

Metallic Glaze cone 6 (TOXIC)

86.0 Redart Clay
7.0 OM-4 Ball Clay
7.0 Silica


64.0 Manganese Dioxide
7.0 Copper Oxide
4.3 Cobalt Oxide

All clay. Fired in electric oxidation to cone 6. Made with a cow bone press mold. Cut and re-assembled. Also press molds of bolts and nuts. Stainless steel welding rods cut for "pins" to assemble.

John Britt

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Nora Thomas said...

this is way cool, and also on some level - disturbing. i think it's the severed bone. but as usual, the glazes ... right on.