Sunday, December 28, 2008

Crackle slip

Here is a nice slip combo:

Crackle Slip cone 10

20 Custer Feldspar
15 Kaolin
20 Calcined Kaolin
15 Ball Clay
20 Silica
5 Borax
5 Zircopax

Archie Bray Black Slip cone 10

80 Alberta Slip
20 Ball Clay

7.8 Chrome Oxide
1.7 Cobalt Oxide
1.7 Red Iron Oxide
2.0 Bentonite

(page 62 and 156 in my book respecitively.)

John Britt


Judy Shreve said...

Cool glaze! How about posting some ^6 oxidation glazes?? Pretty please!

John Britt said...


Ok, just have to find some nice samples. I will work on it,


Togeika said...

John, do you know if Rhodes Crackle stops crackling over time? I have some that isn't working anymore. Does the borax get weak?

Thanks, Lee

John Britt said...