Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Soda Firing Stack

For Michael,

Here is a photo of the stack before unloading. Linda teapot is on the top.

John Britt


klineola said...

John, thank you. I'm sorry I didn't have anything to put in the kiln. We did a soda/whiting concoction in my last kiln load but couldn't get it to solidify. Maybe the soda was too old? Or the whiting? Is that a possibility?

John Britt said...

Michael, Maybe next time we fire? I know that we took pains to get Light Soda Ash. The mixture gets hot like plaster when mixed up.

I will read up on it in Gail's book.


klineola said...

I've never heard of light soda ash. It stands to reason that if plaster has a shelf life than whiting would too. At least in the way that plaster sets up faster if older. I dunno. Let's do some tests!