Friday, December 5, 2008

TRAC Tour 2008

Don't forget to head out the the TRAC Tour this weekend in Yancey and Mitchell County in Western NC!

The tour is scheduled for Dec 6th & 7th 2008 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday.

Over a hundred artisans, including many Clay Clubbers, open their studio doors and welcome the public to see their workplaces. Some years the weather is mild, yet invigorating, other years, the skies fill with clouds and the rain is enough to make us grateful we aren't shoveling the precipitation. Either way, the studios are warm with welcome. Some even offer food and drink.

The potters may offer their wares from orderly racks or from homemade rustic benches and tables, but they have much to choose from: trays, jugs, mugs, tiles, baking pans, fountains, bird houses, sculptured forms, ceremonial pieces, sets of dishes, even bathroom sinks. They come in earthenware, stoneware, and/or porcelain and are fired in a variety of ways, including pit-fired, raku, low-fire electric (including terra sig to majolica) as well as mid-range electric, high-fire gas reduction and oxidation, wood-fired, soda and/or salt fired.

It is an event not to be missed.

Start at my studio so you still have cash.

(Congress turned me down but I still need a cash infusion and unlike AGI and CITI you will get something in return!)

Peace out,

John Britt


Micah Cain said...

Excellent post!! I am stoked!

John Britt said...

Let's get it on!

Michael Mahan said...

What's the pot pictured there, a coffee strainer?

Lovely piece.

John Britt said...

Acutally it is a soy ewer. Just a lark but turned out pretty good,