Thursday, December 4, 2008

Expiration Date?

I keep uncovering treasures in this studio. First the blue trash can with pre-measured baggies of mysterious white stuff (John Britt test fired some to cone 10 and it looks like grog), then came around 150 8"x12" ware boards (read termite food). Now I've uncovered a 50 lb unopened bag of Pottery Plaster. No idea how long it's been here. Does this stuff go bad?

If anyone has a use for any or all of the little ware boards, you can have them. I guess I could bring them if we have another bonfire, eh?



John Britt said...


Plaster can go bad after a couple of months. Julie may know the details?


Julie said...

I would advise against burning anything other than untreated wood. Nothing with glue/resin/binder like plywood, MDF, particle board, &c. Or wood that has been pressure treated, fire treated, weather treated. Oh, and exotic hardwoods, they have all kinds of nasty oils in them too. Great, huh? Regular wood... burn, baby!

Re: plaster, here are my thoughts. Should be fine indefinitely in an airtight bag. Once it's open, I'd expect it to start reacting with the moisture in the air, thus being disabled from doing its job later. I'll try to look into it tomorrow. Meanwhile, the manufacturer may be able to advise you, or there may even be instructions on the bag.

Unless John meant a different Julie. It's possible.