Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lucas Glaze

Here is a photo of one of my pots out of the firing.

Lucas Glaze cone 10 soda firing

10 Custer Feldspar
25 Silica
25 Whiting
25 Ball Clay
15 Red Iron Oxide

It is on page 155 of my book.

I love this glaze because it is derived from the 25/25/25/25 base and they took out 15g. of the feldspar and substituted 15g. red iron oxide. The glaze has incredible variation because red iron oxide is a refractory in oxidation and a flux in reduction so the surface of the glaze goes from gloss to matt depending on the atmosphere.

The soda also has a great effect on it!

Love it!

John Britt


klineola said...

That's a nice looking glaze. I might give it a shot in my next wood firing.

Linda Starr said...

That is a nice glaze and thanks for the info on red iron oxide re reduction and oxidation, matt and glossy, interesting.